The CTSA is working in partnership with Luke Abbott, leading expert on the Mantle of the Expert approach, to develop practice across its primary phase member schools.

Following an inspirational taster provided by Luke Abbott at the October Headteacher conference, CTSA schools are being given the opportunity to attend a ‘Taster Day’ in February 2018, funded by the Alliance, during which participants will be able to observe Luke Abbott and Tim Taylor as they deliver modelled teaching sessions of the Mantle of the Expert approach in KS1 and KS2.  They will also have opportunities to engage in MoE session planning, guided observation, discussion and analysis with Luke and Tim.

This ‘taster’ event will be the launch pad for a longer term, collaborative and research-based project to further develop innovation in pedagogy across the Teaching School Alliance.

‘Mantle of the Expert re-frames the teacher and student in fictional roles in which the students are endowed as experts in a specific field.  Students are more than passive receivers of knowledge, rather they are the ones constructing it’

“I have been using MoE for 4 years now and am passionate about the way it has transformed the teaching and  learning in my classroom.  My relationship with the children and the pedagogy I use to teach have been radically changed through my understanding of this system.  I have seen children of all abilities come alive with the possibilities opened up through this work.  I have never seen children so engaged, motivated and in tune with the learning going on.”